A Croporto Surface Treatment, Lda. Is a company specializing in cathodic deposition treatments.

With diversified technical knowledge, and professionalism, we have been in the market since 1960.


We are always focused on the customer and on exceeding their expectations.

We have a team of professionals, specialized and qualified, to achieve a high level of quality, at competitive prices. We are focused in the automotive industry, we work with specific standards and under customer requirements.


Surface Treatments

  • Burned out;
  • Chrome plating;
  • Chromium aluminum/zamak;
  • Stainless Steel Electropolishing;
  • Phosphating;
  • Nickel plating;
  • Chemical Nickel;
  • Iron to black oxidation;
  • Oxidation of black stainless steel;
  • Trivalent Blue Passivation Zinc;
  • Zinc with Passivation Yellow Trivalent;
  • Zinc with passivation Black Trivalent;
  • Zinc Nickel with transparent passivation;
  • Zinc Nickel with passivation Black trivalent;
  • Zinc Nickel with sealant application.



The baths are controlled internally by the tests of our laboratory, and by external entities in quantitative and qualitative level.

In order to guarantee all customer specifications, we have an Rx spectrophotometer.

We are in the process of ISO 9001 certification.



Business area

  • Automobile industry;
  • Electrical Components;
  • Metalworking industry;
  • Home appliances.
  • Restoration of old parts



Rua Professor António Marques, 226

4425-301 Maia

(+351) 229 829 092
(Call to the national fixed network)

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