PR Injection has as main objective this industrial project of production of castings in zinc, lead, magnesium and aluminum alloys, the positioning in the European market of the automotive industry and other, as a reference of competitive conditions of market supply.


As a large specific objective, we intend to position the market among suppliers of components, small parts, in zamak (a zinc alloy) that guarantees us to be considered as a reference company in this market. In PR Injection we produce various parts in ZAMAK for the automotive industry and for several clients at national and international level.



We have for the effects of 3 Injection machines:

  • 2 injection machines ZM2 and one injection machine ZM3;
  • 1 unit of granularity;
  • 1 vibration unit;
  • 1 centrifuge unit;
  • 1 gitos cutting unit;




Rua Professor António Marques, 330

PT 4425-364 Maia

(+351) 229 821 657
(Call to the national fixed network)

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